Revolutionizing property management: Unleashing the power of AI at Daisy

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December 6, 2023
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Revolutionizing property management: Unleashing the power of AI at Daisy

Written by Yotam Cohen (Co-Founder & CEO)

At Daisy, we firmly believe in embracing the future, today. A recent McKinsey report estimates that 11.8 million workers may need to transition into different jobs due to shrinking demand by 2030, a shift largely precipitated by the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Most industries will feel the tremors of this seismic shift, but property management carries significant untapped potential to harness AI, a topic I recently wrote about.

Like many other things we do at Daisy, we didn't choose the most obvious path when incorporating AI. Instead, we dared to approach it differently. We don’t just use AI, we’ve woven it into our human workforce by giving AI bots a name, role, and seat at our table.

AI, through tasks such as optimization of processes, rapid information retrieval, and producing template-based communications, holds largely untapped potential. By integrating AI in our daily operations, we were able to divvy up routine tasks to the bots, leaving our human counterparts free to strategize, build relationships, execute, and grow - areas where their talents truly shine.

Here's how AI is helping Daisy redefine property management:

1. Enhancing Customer Value: By handling many routine tasks, our bots free up time for our team, allowing them to connect with our customers on a deeper level.

2. Automating Processes: Our AI bots work hand-in-hand with our process automation, ensuring smoother workflows, and faster, more reliable outcomes.

3. Becoming Superhuman: AI now arms our team with superhuman capabilities. Our bots tirelessly handle repetitive tasks, and our team gets to focus on the big picture.

To make AI even more accessible, we built a company-wide AI playground, DaisyAI. We built a Chrome extension that grants access to a team of DaisyAI bots that can assist with everything from building updates to bylaws and beyond.

Whether it's drafting announcements or analyzing heaps of financial data, our DaisyAI bots have us covered. PromoPete, our AI product marketer, excels at crafting exciting feature announcements and helpful descriptions. Amir assists our account managers, tackling tedious tasks from sharing updates with the boards, to formal notices for explaining Local Law 11, to drafting owners assessments - freeing up our human team’s time. Danny, our AI financial analyst, can sift through complex financial data and shed light on it in understandable language with easy-to-interpret graphs and charts. And let's not forget Bylaws Benny, our handy AI bot that has the exhaustive building bylaws right at its fingertips. Benny simplifies the often cumbersome process of navigating through extensive bylaws documents, efficiently answering queries and clarifying rules – a genuine lifesaver for our residents, board members, and our operations team.

We’re constantly refining our approach to AI integration. As AI capabilities continue to grow and we manage to connect DaisyAI to more data sources, we can apply this emerging technology in more creative and effective ways.

At Daisy, we're not just integrating AI into our business; we're crafting a future where technology and human creativity merge seamlessly. Every step we take with AI is a step towards a more connected and efficient world. We're excited to lead this journey, empowering our team and customers alike with smarter solutions. Join us as we turn these innovative dreams into today's reality, one intelligent leap at a time.

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