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New employment laws every NYC condo and co-op should know about

As a board member, we know you value your building staff. To help you take good care of them, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important local, state and federal employment laws you should know about.

What's the fiduciary responsibility of HOA board members?

New board member? Or thinking of becoming a board member for your condo or co-op's Homeowners Association (HOA)? Before you decide to do so, you need to have a solid grasp of what an HOA board is and what it takes to be an HOA board member.

How Condo and co-op boards can combat rising energy costs

Energy prices are rising as a result of sanctions – and economy-wide inflationary pressures - but we don’t have to accept the bottom-line implications of that reality.

Capital contribution fees explained

Want to be a board member for your condo or co-op homeowners association (HOA)? Before you hand in your application, you may have to pay capital contribution fees.

Reserve Funds Best Practices

With a proper reserve fund, your board will be prepared to take on anything the world throws at it… local laws, snowstorms, burst pipes and more.

Case Study: 160 Wooster

A case study of the differences of a building after just 4 months from switching to Daisy.

How to Write a Sample HOA Board Candidate Statement

Thinking about becoming a board member for your co-op or your condo’s Homeowners Association? There are many reasons why that could be a good idea.

How can you measure your building's success? Use KPIs.

By setting KPIs you can not only effectively monitor and manage your building, but truly improve it.

"Local Law What?" A Guide to the Most Important NYC Local Laws

As a board member it's hard to keep track of all the local NYC laws. Our 2021 guide to NYC local laws makes it easier!