Every building is a unique ecosystem with its own vibrancy and life. Our mission is to enable every resident to live their best building life.

Our promise

You order a car at the press of a button. You order food and it's delivered within the hour. You file your taxes in minutes without stacks of paper. But life in your building is innovation-starved. It’s true, whether you’re a Board member who wants to check on the status of a Local Law 11 project or a resident who wants to know when the hot water will be fixed. The underlying problem is the same: while we’re living in 2022, property management is living in a time-warp.
That’s why we created Daisy.

When your building runs on Daisy everything is as fresh as a Daisy.

Our values

property management
Actually care

It’s the people that make buildings special. You matter to us.

nyc building management
Be proactive

We take initiative. Being one step ahead creates magical moments

property management fees
Always evolve

We’re constantly learning and pushing the boundaries of possibility.

building management
Stay positive

Positivity begets positivity. It has a network effect.

What are you waiting for? Bring Daisy to your building.
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Yotam Cohen
CEO, Co-Founder

Nir Hemed
CTO, Co-Founder

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