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Finally, a fresh approach to property management

Daisy is a tech-driven, full service condo and co-op management company, reimagining how buildings are run. Boards govern easily, neighbors live better, and home feels like home.

At Daisy, we’re rethinking how buildings are run. We’re replacing siloed teams and overworked managers with a unified operating system and a team that really cares. Boards gain transparency and control, buildings run efficiently, and neighbors live better.

Life made easy
for boards

With our one connected operating system and a team that really cares, boards gain transparency and control, and buildings run efficiently.

Buildings are well orchestrated

Every aspect of running your building is connected through one operating system. So everything works in concert, and we get more done, faster.

Daily operations

With predictive maintenance, there are fewer surprises and more certainty. Your building runs like clockwork, common spaces stay well-maintained, and on-site teams are supported.


Real-time visibility into your building’s finances, so there are no questions. And our system automatically searches for ways to save and generate revenue.


Projects like FISP and Local Law 97 are carefully planned and expertly executed. We partner with boards, and do all the heavy lifting - so timelines are hit and projects stay within budget.

Resident life

Residents enjoy better support, more updates, and the ability to easily connect with each other. So it feels more like living in a community, not just a building.

Advisory services

Boards gain strategic guidance on complex issues from our team of experts. By leveraging data-driven insights, we’re able to create long-term plans that ensure your building’s health.

Daisy property management

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Govern everything,
all in one place

The Daisy Dashboard makes governance easier than ever, it puts all the information you need at your fingertips and gives you the structure to make better decisions, faster.

Don't just take our word for it

“My time is precious and now I have more of it. Their app is revolutionary and it evolves to our needs. Daisy is saving us money, time and headaches daily. We, as a board, work better together now and with far less effort.”
board member review


Board member

“Whereas most of the larger managing agents are slow to respond, Daisy is incredibly responsive. The rep who helped us was just so pleasant to work with and made the process so manageable.”
board member review



“Finally! A property management you can trust. Communication with other property management companies can be challenging, but Daisy is the complete opposite!”
board member review


Board member

“Daisy is a breath of fresh air. Their tools give us transparency (easy access to financial reports) and simplify control on all fronts. Daisy's team are true professionals that guide with patience and care.”
board member review


Board member

“Daisy's level of oversight and communication is exemplary. They've streamlined board and shareholder messaging, tending to any issues in real time.”
board member review


Board member

“Daisy takes our home as their own home, and finds ways to make the building a better place, even if it’s already perfect.”
board member review



“I use their app to handle any billing or other management issues. Daisy is always available via their clever, user friendly app and the team behind it.”
board member review



We treat your building like it’s our home

Our team of industry experts is dedicated to your building and everything that happens in it.

We run your building like it’s a business

We track everything, from your building’s health to our own performance.

Average number of items voted on per month
Building updates through the Daisy app per month
Current FISP projects
Average number of tickets closed per day
Residents attended Daisy events in 2023
Onsite team members
Items reviewed in building walkthroughs
2 min
Average response time
Budgets under management
0.2 sec
Building financial status refresh rate
47 min
Average lease application review time
Updates pushed to dashboards per month

You spend over 60% of your life in your building. Why not make the most of it?

Why not make the most of it.
It’s true! According to the American Time Use Survey, we spend ~62% of our waking time at home.
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Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy community event
Daisy property management

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