Five surprising ways energy audits can save buildings money

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June 11, 2024
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Five surprising ways energy audits can save buildings money

As Local Law 97 deadlines approach, many New York City buildings are looking for ways to comply with the new regulations while also managing costs. We sat down with Jonathan, who leads Daisy's advisory team, to discuss Local Law 97 and a big through-line was how energy audits can set buildings up for long-term success, and save money.

  1. Reveal unexpected energy usage patterns
    Energy audits provide eye-opening data about what's actually consuming energy in your building – and it's not always what you'd expect. By revealing these surprising usage patterns, audits help you target your efficiency efforts for maximum impact and savings.
  2. Enable data-driven decision making
    With the wealth of information provided by an energy audit, you can make informed decisions based on hard data rather than assumptions. "We look at the best return on investment and what's going to really lower that carbon emissions," Jonathan explains. This strategic approach ensures you're investing in the upgrades that will yield the greatest financial and environmental returns.
  3. Facilitate proactive financial planning
    Energy audits provide a roadmap for future upgrades, allowing you to plan ahead and budget accordingly. By being proactive, you can avoid costly last-minute upgrades, emergency fixes, or rush vendor fees, and spread your investments out over time.
  4. Harness the power of real-time monitoring
    Many energy audits recommend installing data and sensors to measure energy usage in real-time. As Jonathan points out, this level of monitoring enables buildings to identify issues early on, and control consumption more effectively, leading to ongoing savings and easier compliance over time.
  5. Tap into innovative sustainable products
    Energy audits can introduce you to cutting-edge sustainable products you may not have considered, like solar panel windows. By staying up-to-date on these innovative solutions, you can invest in upgrades that offer long-term financial and environmental benefits, often at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

Check out the video for more insights on Local Law 97 planning!

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