Navigating NYC's new parapet inspection rule

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October 10, 2023
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Navigating NYC's new parapet inspection rule

In New York City, where the skyline is constantly evolving, it's crucial that our approach to building safety evolves too. The city has introduced a new law, the "Parapet inspection rule," aimed at keeping everyone safe. The law requires annual inspections for all buildings with parapets facing public pathways, with the exception of detached single-family or two-family homes.

Key points

Annual Inspections Required:
Buildings must undergo a yearly examination by a qualified individual, such as an engineer, architect, or mason

Inspection Criteria:
These inspections must be thorough, assessing whether parapets are upright and secure, free from damage or deterioration, and checking the stability of attached fixtures.

Reporting requirements:
A comprehensive report must be filed, detailing the condition of the parapet - and any corrective actions taken. The report must be retained for at least six years.

Immediate Action for Unsafe Conditions:
If an inspection reveals any immediate dangers, the building owner must notify the Department of Buildings and take necessary steps to protect the public, such as installing safety measures like sidewalk sheds or netting, and rectify the issue within 90 days.


We see the new parapet law not as red tape, but as a green light to boost our buildings and communities safety. Yes, on its own, it might seem straightforward, but when combined with the likes of Local Law 11, facade maintenance becomes multifaceted. We’re here to handle all that and guide boards so buildings stay healthy, and life within them is better.

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