Investing in green: How Local Law 97 can enhance your building’s value

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March 11, 2024
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Investing in green: How Local Law 97 can enhance your building’s value

For New York's condo and co-op owners, Local Law 97 presents an exciting opportunity beyond just meeting emissions standards. It's a chance to transform our buildings into modern living spaces optimized for sustainability, efficiency, and uncompromised daily comfort. And the best part? These upgrades will increase our homes' desirability and property values.

The tangible benefits of compliance

Embracing Local Law 97 brings inherent perks. Buildings that align with these new standards not only dodge fines but may also see better insurance rates and lower energy costs. The end of emergency repairs, like those frantic fixes to boilers in the dead of winter, is just the beginning. Besides these immediate benefits, there's a bigger change at hand. This is an opportunity to turn our homes into places that are more than just livable; they're places where you really want to live.

Local Law 97 pushes buildings towards the future

Local Law 97 compliance should extend beyond adding eco-friendly features; it's about fundamentally rethinking our buildings with sustainability at the core. Imagine living spaces where ultra-efficient insulation shields against the winter cold, while slashing energy use. Picture smart systems adjust lighting and temperature with seamless, almost predictive precision, ensuring comfort without waste. And even envision a building that reuses its own energy, transforming waste into power and setting a new standard for sustainability. Yes that’s really possible - and represents the potential for what our homes can become. 

Smart and efficient buildings will set the bar

In a world where sustainability is surging, buildings that embody energy efficiency and thoughtful living will stand out. Intelligent energy solutions means lowered utility costs, and soon - buildings powered by clean energy will not only meet future standards but set them. The boost in modern conveniences alongside these benefits will turn these homes into prized investments and living spaces. 

Buildings integrating modern eco-solutions will outshine those that lag behind, attracting New Yorkers who value both the planet and the unparalleled comfort of a smart home. Buildings that harmonize with nature by leveraging technology, will set a new standard, increasing both the value of our homes and our quality of life.

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