Neighbors joining forces: How bulk purchasing can save you money

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October 10, 2023
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Neighbors joining forces: How bulk purchasing can save you money

Living in a city, we’re surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people. Even within our own buildings, from a cozy ten-unit walk-up to a 400 unit condo, we're mere feet away from dozens to hundreds of neighbors. Yet, despite this closeness, we often operate in isolation. Within our own walls, we replicate similar lifestyles — ordering groceries, finding a dog walker, scheduling cleaning services, and so on, all in parallel yet separate.

This very realization drove my fascination with building ecosystems. At Daisy, our mission revolves around enhancing communal living, and this inspired an enlightening concept: Why not pool our collective needs and achieve individual savings? Enter Daisy’s "Neighbors Group Buy" initiative. The idea is beautifully uncomplicated — harness our collective bargaining power to save individually. By negotiating en masse with service providers, we present the tantalizing proposition of bulk business. This group approach often translates to competitive prices, better service standards, or access to premium services.

Platforms like have already demonstrated the efficacy of communal approaches in buildings. They've turned shared living spaces into hubs of convenience with on-demand amenities. Daisy’s "Neighbors Group Buy" builds on this concept, taking the idea of shared resources and applying it to collective bargaining, amplifying the benefits for individual residents.

Consider a service as ubiquitous as the internet. Individually, you might spend over $70 monthly. But imagine the savings if 50 units in your building negotiated collectively. A 30% savings isn't far-fetched, ensuring even faster and better internet  at a fraction of the cost.

The beauty of Neighbors Group Buy is its adaptability. Be it window cleaning, gym memberships, or even Friday pizza nights, the potential savings are bound only by collective demand. Beyond the tangible benefits, there's a profound social impact. This initiative fosters genuine connections. It transcends the casual hallway greetings, forging a bond through shared goals and mutual victories.

At Daisy, Neighbors Group Buy is more than an initiative and service offering; it embodies our core philosophy. We believe in nurturing a collaborative spirit that creates mutual benefits for residents. So next time you’re considering a service, remember Neighbor Group Buy. Rally together your neighbors, identify shared interests, and negotiate as a united front - and know we’re here to help make this happen! The dividends are twofold — substantial savings and a stronger community.

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