The power of the Daisy network: David's story

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March 11, 2024
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The power of the Daisy network: David's story

Drawn to its unique layout and the privacy each unit offered, David moved into his boutique Williamsburg condo in 2017. Not long after settling in, an unexpected elevator assessment cropped up, raising eyebrows considering the building's recent construction. Coming from the real estate world, David knew this wasn't typical.

He didn’t just sit back; he joined the board, applying his industry knowledge to tackle the building’s issues head-on. The frustration with their original management company, humorously nicknamed the 'Circus of Fools,' reached a breaking point for him.

He learned about Daisy from several buildings across the street that were being managed by us, and was intrigued by our innovative approach (his words not ours)! As a small building, they didn’t quite need all the services and attention that is typically offered, so we piloted Daisy Lite, balancing their needs without the weight of unnecessary costs.

Transitioning to Daisy brought noticeable improvements, beyond the building being better cared for. David’s life as a board member transformed: the clear accountability via our dashboard and app meant no more micromanaging. Board relationships improved, and he no longer had to handle owner issues.

"...once we switched over, then we knew we did the right thing. I’m dealing with a team of people that's a lot more organized than an old school back office. With the dashboard and app there’s a good accountability chain for how things are managed in the building.”

With Daisy’s help, the building shifted from constant crisis mode to forward-thinking  - instead of navigating emergencies, they’re planning for projects that are a few years down the road. The building also benefits from shared resources with three nearby Daisy-managed buildings - like an ever-present super, and accessible vendors - perks small buildings don’t often have access to. 

David's life is less about dealing with building issues now. He’s more in control, and rests easier - no longer worried every time he hears a sound in the building. He’s happier because the building is in a good place, and he trusts Daisy to keep things running right.

“I don’t react to every sound in the building, I sleep better. Daisy’s made my life easier for sure.”

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