From paper chaos to digital harmony: Kelly's co-op journey

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July 5, 2024
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From paper chaos to digital harmony: Kelly's co-op journey

Kelly, a native New Yorker with a background in publishing and advertising, thought she'd seen it all in project management. But when she moved to an East Village co-op in 2000, she found herself facing an entirely new set of challenges.

"I really never knew what being a shareholder was until I lived and breathed it," Kelly recalls. Driven by a desire to contribute and lift up her community, she joined the board, unaware of the complexities that lay ahead.

Over the years, Kelly and her fellow board members grappled with unresponsive management companies, missing documents, and scattered historical data. "We just struggled along for years... lots of paper and losing things," she sighs, remembering the frustration.

In 2022, after years of making do, Kelly and the board decided it was time for a change. They began searching for a modern solution that could address their building's needs comprehensively. Ultimately they felt Daisy was the best fit - the board liked the team, how we work with boards, the dashboard and app for boards and residents, and took the plunge!

The transition brought significant improvements, particularly in financial management. "Now everything's in one place - all the comments, all of the financial data updated. It's so much easier for the whole team to stay in sync," Kelly explains, her relief evident.

For Kelly, the change was about more than just better organization - it was about embracing a new way of thinking about property management. "The future is going to be digital," she muses. "We had to adapt to keep our community thriving."

Today, Kelly and her fellow board members enjoy a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent management process. They've transformed their co-op from paper-based chaos to a harmonious ecosystem, allowing them to focus more on building their community and less on administrative headaches.

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