Daisy makes my building feel like a home - Amy's story

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June 18, 2024
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Daisy makes my building feel like a home - Amy's story

We sat down with Amy, a resident who's lived in a building managed by Daisy for over 2 years to hear about her experience.

When Amy moved from Michigan to New York City, she had her fair share of concerns about big city living. But as a resident of The Vantage, she's found a true sense of home and community, largely thanks to the on-site team, to the dedicated support provided by the Daisy team.

From the convenient app that keeps her informed about building updates to the prompt maintenance services that ensure her living space is always in top condition, Amy has found peace of mind and comfort at The Vantage.

But it's not just about the practical aspects, Amy also touches on the intangible benefits of living in a Daisy-run building, such as the sense of belonging and the assurance that someone always has her back.

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