The Daisy difference: setting supers up for success

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May 26, 2022
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The Daisy difference: setting supers up for success

Supers are the backbone of buildings. They’re the quiet leaders of the on-site team, the overseers of your building’s health and an encyclopedia of your building’s entire history - making them invaluable when making any decision about your building, big and small. For example, they can tell you every boiler repair made or every elevator upgrade debated, while simultaneously handling day-to-day tasks from replacing lights to managing garbage disposal.

Supers take care of more than your building, they take care of everyone who calls it home. They’re usually the ones there to greet you on your way to and from work, school or dinner with friends. And they’re definitely the first person residents and boards think to call when something goes wrong in your building or there’s a question. 

Maintaining buildings is a complex operation with many moving pieces and numerous stakeholders to keep happy - from boards to residents to even property managers. Your super goes above and beyond every day to be the glue that keeps everything seamlessly working together for a harmonious living experience. And they do it all with a smile on their face. 

Simply put, supers are at the core of building life.

How traditional property management companies work with supers

While employed by the building, supers are managed by the management company. But the status quo of traditional property management proves a wanting relationship between companies and their supers. While supers may have a good relationship with their direct property managers, they probably have no such relationship with the company itself and rarely receive the support they deserve.

The result? More times than not, supers are stuck alone on the front lines managing the unending pile of daily tasks and emergency requests coming at them from residents, board members and property managers. 

At Daisy, we believe this whole approach adversely impacts your building’s health as well as the happiness of your super and residents alike. It’s a vicious cycle. That’s why we’re breaking it.

How Daisy sets supers up for success

We believe the strongest working relations are founded on human connections. When your building joins the Daisy network, your super becomes an extension of our team. We take the time to learn from them, understand their perspective and hear the unique challenges they’re facing in your building. From there, we onboard your super into our centralized Daisy system, providing them the connected infrastructure they need to excel in their jobs.

  1. Your super will finally get the support they deserve. They have a direct line of communication to us, and us to them - via our 24/7 chat. So even when off-hour emergencies arise, everyone’s connected. 
  2. Your super will work more efficiently when connected to Daisy. Our smart system organizes and prioritizes building tasks for them, so they tackle the most urgent matters first without losing sight of everything else. Plus, we have visibility into every task status and keep residents in the know from start to finish.
  3. Your super witnesses a vendor’s workmanship and professionalism firsthand. By making it easy for them to review jobs right in our system, we can ensure your building is only serviced by the best vendors in the industry. 
  4. Buildings are healthier when supers are empowered. We host frequent supers’ days that include networking, training, professional development and feedback sessions to continue learning from each other and unlock better ways of working together.
"What you guys are doing is revolutionary. You support supers, which is crucial." - Bujar B.

Final thoughts

We’ve seen firsthand the impact of valuing and enabling supers - buildings run better, and everyone that’s a part of the building’s ecosystem is happier. We’re excited to continue to find new ways to support on-site teams and create more exceptional building experiences.

Learn more about how Daisy is changing property management here.

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