No more chasing down management: Darlene's story

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April 17, 2024
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No more chasing down management: Darlene's story

We recently sat down with one of our Daisy board members, Darlene, a baker - (more specifically vegan caterer), and mural artist, who lives with her cat, The Dark Knight. After trying out life in Seattle, she returned to NYC and bought a condo in Harlem. Shortly after, she joined the building’s board, and quickly discovered a host of building issues from their unresponsive management company.

Like many board members, she didn’t realize exactly what she was getting into. After months of trying to no avail to get a response from her property manager, dealing with owner issues directly, and even ultimately learning their elevator vendor hadn’t been paid - she’d had enough.

That's when she found Daisy. What impressed her most about Daisy wasn’t just the technology itself, but how it was used by a team of experts to manage the building smoothly and more effectively.

“It was such a relief to me personally when Daisy took over because it was consuming so much of my time.”

Switching to Daisy made a big difference. The team tackled all the old problems that had piled up - including several big projects, providing updates through an easy-to-use app for boards and owners. 

“When we needed the new boiler, when we had the elevator and needed fixing, all of the board got proactive updates. They could check at any time. So it was really a sense of, somebody finally knows what they're doing and is responsive to us.”

Now with Daisy at the helm, the building’s healthy, and the board and owners are happy. Darlene has peace of mind - and can spend more time baking and painting, not chasing down the management.

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