Local Law 97: Understanding deadlines & avoiding penalties

Understanding Local Law 97 (LL97): Deadlines, Penalties, and Compliance Strategies for NYC Buildings. Ensure your building meets emissions reduction targets and avoids fines with our comprehensive guide to LL97. Learn about key deadlines, penalties for non-compliance, and effective strategies for achieving emissions reductions. Take proactive steps towards sustainability and visit joindaisy.com/local-law-97-guide for assistance.

Prepare your condo or co-op for a sizzling summer

From equipment maintenance to organizational tips, our comprehensive list will help you create a cool oasis amidst the sweltering New York heat. Discover how to optimize your ceiling fans, ensure safety with detectors, manage humidity, and be prepared for power outages. Clean, install, and organize for a refreshing summer experience. Don't miss out on enjoying the season to the fullest!

Get started with Local Law 97 in three easy steps

Get started with Local Law 97 compliance through 3 easy steps: Determine eligibility, conduct a professional building checkup, and create a strategic capital plan. Achieve a sustainable future with expert guidance from Daisy property management.

Tackling Local Law 97: Your comprehensive guide to energy efficiency

Tackling Local Law 97: Your guide to energy efficiency and innovative building solutions in NYC. Explore challenges, laws, and actionable steps for boards and residents. From sustainable planning to smart technologies, renewables to societal change, discover a cleaner and greener future with Daisy's expertise. Start your energy-saving journey now!

4 tips for choosing the best vendors for your condo or co-op projects

Learn how to pick reliable vendors for projects every time. No more frustration and disappointment. Reputation, pricing, and licenses are some of the factors to keep in mind to find the right vendors to maintain a seamless building maintenance experience and maintain the quality of life your residents deserve.

Pick up the pace: A guide on how condos and co-ops can fund Local Law 97 upgrades

How will your building pay for the Local Law 97 projects it needs to become more efficient - and compliant? Here's everything you need to know about financing programs for Local Law 97 building upgrades - PACE (Local Law 96) and NYSERDA.

Local Law 18: Everything you need to know about short-term rentals

Learn how Local Law 18 affects short-term rentals in NYC. This law requires registration with the Office of Special Enforcement and impacts both buildings and potential hosts. Find out what steps you need to take to comply and stay informed about important dates. Understand the law's objectives and get tips for following the rules.
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