Building management


Revolutionizing property management: Unleashing the power of AI at Daisy

Experience Daisy's AI revolution in property management, where innovative bots and human ingenuity unite for a smarter, and better future.

Building emergency prep checklist

An emergency preparedness checklist for condo and co-op boards is a crucial tool for effective crisis management. This checklist ensures comprehensive planning and collaboration between board members and property managers for enhanced safety and readiness.

What's in your building's energy rating?

Guide to your NYC condo or co-ops energy star score

Daisy announces 100th building under management

Daisy, at the forefront of the property management revolution, is thrilled to announce its 100th building partnership. This key milestone underscores Daisy’s unique stance in the market—a tech-driven approach that reshapes how buildings are managed, providing unmatched efficiency, transparency, and harmonious living.

The green effect: Vendors' role in sustainable buildings

Explore how building vendors play a vital role in promoting sustainability in property management. Uncover ways to transform buildings for a greener future with Daisy's collaborative and tech-driven approach.

The Daisy budget process: A proactive, data-driven approach

Discover Daisy's proactive and data-driven approach to condo and co-op building budgeting. With a blend of data-driven insights, tailored strategy, and collaborative planning, we guide boards to a clearer, more informed financial future. Let's make your building thrive.

The top 5 budget items you can't afford to ignore in 2024

Delve into the 5 big budget items you can't miss to craft a forward-thinking budget for condos and co-ops. Explore key components from insurance to reserve planning and gain insights to ensure your building's financial resilience. With Daisy, navigate the 2024 budget landscape confidently.

Weathering the storm: Our responsiveness during city-wide flooding

Daisy's fresh and modern approach to property management allows unwavering support during downpours and flooding. Our timely responses, effective crisis management, and consistent support showcase our deep commitment to condo and co-op residents, ensuring safety and peace of mind during unexpected challenges.
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