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Everything condos and co-ops should know about Local Law 154

Local Law 154 is the city’s latest push toward all-electric buildings. Learn more about how it might affect your co-op or condo.

Your guide to building bylaws

Bylaws set the rules and regulations for how to govern your building. Here, we deep dive into what they are and why they’re important.

10 steps to run building projects efficiently

Whether it’s a capital project or a quick repair, follow these 10 steps to minimize the stress, avoid costly delays, and make your life as a board member a little bit easier.

What every board should know about Local Law 152

That dreaded question, “You smell gas?” New York City's Local Law 152 helps ensure your gas pipes in good working order, so everyone in your building can rest easy.

How condos and co-ops can prepare for Local Law 84, 87, and 97

Get up to speed on three of New York City’s most important local green laws: what they are, how to stay compliant and steps you can take to get your building running greener than ever before.

The Daisy difference: setting supers up for success

At Daisy, we’ve seen firsthand the impact of valuing and empowering supers - buildings run better, and everyone that’s a part of the building’s ecosystem is happier.

New employment laws every NYC condo and co-op should know about

As a board member, we know you value your building staff. To help you take good care of them, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important local, state and federal employment laws you should know about.

What's the fiduciary responsibility of condo or co-op board members?

New board member? Or thinking of becoming a board member for your condo or co-op? Before you decide to do so, you need to have a solid grasp of what a board is and what it takes to be an effective board member.

How condo and co-op boards can combat rising energy costs

Energy prices are rising as a result of sanctions – and economy-wide inflationary pressures - but we don’t have to accept the bottom-line implications of that reality.