Mayor Adams' 'Getting 97 Done': A Proposed Shift in Local Law 97

An overview of Mayor Eric Adams' new proposal for NYC's Local Law 97, highlighting key changes and the push for a greener future. Dive into the details and implications of the city's evolving carbon emissions reduction strategy.

Make Local Law 97 a little less taxing: Tax incentives for condos and co-ops

Diving headfirst into Local Law 97, you might be daunted by the load of requirements and potential financial implications. Sure, we’ve talked extensively about Local Law 97 financing opportunities (don’t miss our detailed guide), but the treasure trove of tax incentives, particularly under the Inflation Reduction Act, is where your attention needs to be. Designed for condos and co-ops these incentives can significantly offset the cost of your building sustainability endeavors.

How to green-ify your New York City condo or co-op rooftop

Make your New York City condo or co-op more sustainable by adding a green roof or solar panels. Explore tips on complying with Local Laws 92 and 94, combining green and solar roof systems, and decreasing your building's carbon footprint. Green roofs offer numerous benefits such as stormwater management, improved air quality, urban heat island mitigation, enhanced biodiversity, reduced energy consumption, noise reduction, and extended roof lifespan.

Is your cooling tower safe for the summer? A quick guide to NYC Local Law 77 and NYS Title 10

Maintaining a residential cooling tower according to NYC Department of Health (DOH) guidelines, NYC Local Law 77 and New York State Title 10 is critical for Legionella prevention and building safety. Review building owner responsibilities for regular cooling tower inspections and the many cooling tower regulations. A cooling tower specialist can help you comply with regulations, especially when bacterial growth rises in summer and hyperthalogenation treatments are necessary.

Behind the bricks: Understanding the technical details of Local Law 11 inspections

Learn about Local Law 11 facade inspections, how licensed inspectors perform structural integrity assessments, and why these safety regulations are necessary. Cover NYC building standards, regular facade maintenance and repairs, and penalties for noncompliance and hazardous facade materials.

Summer in the city: your guide to finding community

Discover the vibrant community around you this summer in New York City! Explore farmers' markets, take classes, volunteer, join local groups, and socialize at neighborhood establishments. Discover new interests and connect with like-minded people. Check out our guide to finding friends in NYC!

Extending property tax abatements to 2026: A win for New York co-op and condo owners

Discover how the recent extension of property tax abatements until 2026 benefits co-op and condo owners, providing financial relief and stability. Delve into the details of this significant bill passed by the New York State legislature and learn how it impacts property owners, enabling better long-term financial planning. Explore the positive feedback from industry experts and anticipate Governor Kathy Hochul's next move.

Secrets of the energy-savvy: unmasking energy saving myths

Discover the truth behind common misconceptions about energy-saving and take control of your energy consumption. Learn effective solutions to help you save money while living sustainably. From solar panels to phantom power and windows to dishwashers, we explore the facts and provide actionable tips to make a real difference. Keywords: energy-saving myths, sustainable living, misconceptions, solar panels, phantom power, windows, dishwashers, actionable tips, greener future.

Local Law 97: Understanding deadlines & avoiding penalties

Understanding Local Law 97 (LL97): Deadlines, Penalties, and Compliance Strategies for NYC Buildings. Ensure your building meets emissions reduction targets and avoids fines with our comprehensive guide to LL97. Learn about key deadlines, penalties for non-compliance, and effective strategies for achieving emissions reductions. Take proactive steps towards sustainability and visit joindaisy.com/local-law-97-guide for assistance.